History...How it all got started


Quick Introduction


Levi Garrison and Sons Brewing Company was established in 2014; it is a family owned and operated company.  

Housed in a historic telephone company building, the brewery produces 12 standard beers and around a half dozen seasonal beers throughout the year.  Located in the small town of Hamilton Missouri (population 1800), the brewery and taproom reflect a small-town Midwestern market. LG&S beers are distributed to restaurants and bars in the Northwest quadrant of Missouri along the Interstate 35 corridor.


About the Owner/Brewmaster

 Scott worked his way through college breaking horses for a ranch south of Kansas City.  “The Ranch” picked up spent brewer’s grain from microbreweries all over Kansas City in the early 1990’s as feed for cattle and horses.  While visiting all the breweries to pick up grain, he got to talk to a lot of brewers.  It was during this time that he first began thinking about starting a brewery himself.  While working on his Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Scott became very interested in the science behind the brewing process;  “This is the time in my life that I really got serious about learning the brewing process”.   After finishing his Ph.D., he took a job teaching at a small liberal arts college (teaching biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology). 


Sometimes life changes...

In 2009, He was activated from the Army Reserves, and spent a year in Afghanistan. About a year after returning home, he found himself thinking about volunteering for deployment again.  “I realized that there was something very wrong with my job if I was thinking that I would rather get shot at than stay here.”   “I decided it was time to do something different.”   Soon, his mind was back on opening a brewery…in very serious fashion this time.  

Throwing Down the Gauntlet


When your Wife challenges you...


One day sitting in the kitchen talking to his wife about some aspect of the fictitious brewery he was going to build some day, she turned to him and said “Are you just going to talk about it for the rest of your life, or are you ever going to actually do it?”  Taken a bit by surprise, it only took a few days for the message to sink in fully, and Scott set out on the path to build a brewery.  Working out of pocket to purchase the historic telephone company building and renovate it, they spent a year getting the brewery ready to open (while still working full time jobs).  The two of them (along with plenty of physical labor from the Garrison Family) bootstrapped a functional brewery and taproom together. 

The owner/Brewmaster working on a tank.

The Brewhaus

The first brewing system at Levi Garrison & Sons came from Scott's basement at home,  The brewhaus has grown from five gallon batches, to 10 gallon, to 15 gallon, to 31 gallon to 186 gallons. “We have scraped, and saved, built everything we could ourselves, worked 80 to 100 hours a week, and wound up with a functional business that is slowly, but steadily growing”…”and I have never been happier, or more excited”.    

 Welcome to our dream…we hope you enjoy your visit.

Levi Garrison & Sons is a Veteran Owned and Operated business.

Before he was our Brewmaster

Alumni Award given to our Brewmaster...we are proud of him!