The Rest Of The Story?


Origins of "Levi Garrison & Sons"

You mean Levi Garrison doesn't own the company?  LG&S began as Ninja Moose Brewery, but changed the name in 2016 following a trademark dispute regarding use of the word "Moose" in the name of a brewery.  Not wanting to spend money fighting a big international company, we decided to just change the name.  The name Levi Garrison & Sons is taken from the owner's great grandfather’s company; the original Levi Garrison & Sons was a sorghum company located in Osceola, MO.  Although we have been Levi Garrison & Sons longer than we were Ninja Moose, locals still refer to the brewery as "The Moose"...LOL.


Love and $1.00

 When Levi Garrison passed ownership off to his son Mahlon, the bill of sale read “to my son, for the sum of love, and $1”.  Scott’s Nephew Joey joined Levi Garrison and Sons Brewing Company in 2015.  Scott taught him how to brew beer and he is now the head brewer at LG&S.  Joey became a 4% owner in January of 2019; Scott sold him 4% of the Company for the sum of “love and $1”.  Mahlon Garrison's Grandson is also an owner of LG&S.


The Logo

The new logo came along with the new Company name.  The Garrison Family hails from Scotland originally, and so we added a family shield as the logo.  Family shields have a long history of meaning.  The lions represent family strength and courage; the State outline of Missouri and the word Osceola represent the Family's 1860's homestead heritage in the state; the oak tree represents strength; the crossed rifles and knight's helmet represent national defense; the barrel represents manufacture of spirits.  Levi Garrison donated a portion of the original family homestead to erect a church (Bear Creek Church); the Garrison Family still attends the little country church.  Levi Garrison was a religious man, in his honor, Scott added the Latin phrase in the center of the shield: "Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit".  Translation: Bidden or unbidden, God is present.